Our Junior Entreprise has been named Europe’s Most Socially Responsible Junior Entreprise. This award is not only the first of our Junior Entreprise but it also is an acknowledgement of the quality of our Legal Council.

It has always been a priority for us to ensure the quality of our services and to respond to our clients’ need. We are more than proud to see that our Legal Council is now an inspiration for all the Junior Entreprises in Europe, and we will keep on working hard to make sure we always get the best results !

Moreover, during the JSC, some of our patners have also been awarded. Everybody here in Geneva would like to congratulate LSM Conseil for the Most Entrepreunarial JE award, WBC UK for the Most International JE award and – last but not least – Junior Entreprise EPFL for the Junior Entreprise of the year award.

Also we would like to spare a thought for our friends at JEME Bocconi who were also nominated for Junior Entreprise of the year and ESCadrille who were nominated for Most Entrepreneurial Junior Entreprise. They both are well established and respected throughout the network and we are proud to call them our partners !