Our Portfolio

Since its creation in 1986, Junior Entreprise Genève has been supporting entrepreneurs and companies by providing quality, tailor-made services in its areas of expertise, namely management, IT and legal consulting.

This portfolio presents some of the emblematic achievements of Junior Entreprise Genève in order to show you the projects carried out by our association.

Market studies

Geneva Airport is one of the high points of the Geneva region. As the main connection of Geneva and its surroundings with the rest of the world, the platform is experiencing solid and sustainable growth that will continue over the next few years, with 25 million passengers expected in 2030 according to the latest estimates.

Wishing to find out in greater detail about the habits of its users, Geneva Airport called on Junior Entreprise Genève to conduct a vast survey of travellers. This mandate was carried out in collaboration with the Junior Entreprise HEC Lausanne as well as students from the University of Geneva specially selected to administer the questionnaires, thus enabling large-scale surveys to be carried out. In addition, a French Junior Entreprise was mandated at the beginning of the project to share its experience of airport surveys.

Interviewers interviewed passengers boarding flights to hubs before their departure to capture their habits. This survey took place over several years in order to measure the evolution of travel practices to enable Geneva Airport to position itself in the best possible way in this growing market, which is undergoing major changes following the arrival of low-cost airlines.

This regional mandate gave Junior Entreprise Genève the opportunity to work with a renowned client on a major survey to develop its commercial strategy. Its completion over several years has improved our ability to manage long-term mandates and thus better satisfy our clients. Junior Entreprise Geneva is an ideal partner for large-scale surveys, thanks to its long experience, particularly in the management of large projects, and thanks to the network of Junior Enterprises, which enables us to extend the area under study well beyond the Geneva borders.

As the world leader in consumer products, employing more than 110,000 people worldwide and operating in approximately 70 countries, Procter & Gamble is an integral part of our daily lives. Moreover, as a major economic actor in terms of job creation in the Geneva region, Procter & Gamble is the 3rd largest private employer in the canton of Geneva.

Despite its worldwide renown, the company attaches great importance to its involvement in the local society. Junior Entreprise Genève worked for many years with Procter & Gamble in the context of perception studies aimed at measuring the impact of its local involvement. This is for the company to understand the factors influencing its reputation. Procter & Gamble’s trust in the Junior Entreprise Genève has enabled the realization of large-scale projects involving numerous targets.

Among them, the Junior Enterprise Geneva was asked to determine the perception of Procter & Gamble as a corporate citizen. To do this, the Junior Entreprise Genève conducted interviews with influential actors such as professional associations, the media, political parties or the State of Geneva and international organizations. By comparing the reputation of Procter & Gamble with other multinationals based in Geneva, Junior Entreprise Genève was able to draw up an analysis of the Procter & Gamble image. This study was reiterated to measure the evolution of the image of the company over time.

A national study on Procter & Gamble’s image among Swiss students was also conducted. To carry out this project, Junior Entreprise Genève relied on the Junior Entreprises network. A survey was thus possible in seven universities and polytechnics across Switzerland. True conductor but also involved in the field, this study affirmed the skills of project management by us. Junior Entreprise Genève is a first-rate partner for student perception studies (or for studies that have problems with students) because of its proximity to students.

Perception studies are important for multinationals to assess their image as a whole and not just the main brands in their portfolio. At a time when intangible assets have a value comparable to that of tangible assets, this type of study makes it possible to understand the levers of fidelity other than the attachment to the product. Other themes can be approached such as social and environmental responsibility or the attractiveness as an employer to stand out from the competition and reaffirm the values ​​of the company.

Expert in human resources services, Cegedim SRH offers solutions and services for human resources payroll management. Dynamic, Cegedim is growing by more than 20% per year, and counts among its customers national and international companies from all sectors of activity.

Present in Switzerland since 1990, Cegedim SRH wanted to increase its presence on the Swiss market. The company therefore called on Junior Entreprise Genève to find out to what extent the expansion of its business was possible. Given that extending its offer requires special attention, it was necessary for the company to understand how the development of its offer could meet the needs of its customers.

Although already established in Switzerland, a specific reflection on the Geneva and Vaud market was necessary so that the company could then propose an innovative and flexible offer. The company also offers similar services in other countries, however the markets have a different structure depending on the country and «tracing» an offer from one country to another does not allow to offer services that meet the needs of local companies.

Junior Entreprise Genève has enabled Cegedim SRH to acquire a solid knowledge of the local market and possible prospects. Junior Entreprise Genève was able to provide an answer as to the size of the potential market and the interest shown by Geneva and Vaud companies in the implementation of its new services. Finally, the company was able to benefit from the involvement of Junior Entreprise Genève in the Swiss economy as well as its experience in implementing its strategy.

Funky BBQ is the bet taken by two North American friends. By taking again the food truck concept, these two entrepreneurs now propose, every noon, as well as during many events, their recipes of barbecue meat, smoked with wood fire. The food truck, concept from the United States, is a quality take-away catering service. These two entrepreneurs turned themselves towards Junior Entreprise Genève in order to create their project, mixing dishes with swiss meat and a unique craftsmanship. Junior Entreprise Genève contributed to the realisation of this original project by accompanying the entrepreneurs in the implementation process of their food truck in Geneva.

A food truck’s attractiveness lies in the special character of the offered dishes but also on the choice of its locations, that varies every day. Junior Entreprise Genève closely studied the potential locations of the food truck, that could combine proximity with affluence. This market study lies on the analysis of social and economic variables but also on observation on the spot. A first contact was also done with different organs related to the administrative procedures needed for the implementation of the food truck. Junior Entreprise Genève has also contributed to the elaboration of a communication strategy in order to promote their concept.

Interviewed by La Tribune de Genève, the entrepreneur explained that “[his] concept was partly directed towards a young clientele, it was interesting that the authors of the study would have the same sensibility as [his] target audience”.

Junior Entreprise Genève thus advises entrepreneurs wishing to embark on the adventure of business creation. With a simple idea or a more elaborate concept, Junior Entreprise Genève follows the entrepreneur all the way up to the outcome and the concrete realisation of his project thanks to the diversity of its services, which allow a global support for the whole project.

Satisfaction study

A well-known institution for its quality and excellence, Clinique Générale Beaulieu hosts swiss patients as well as foreigners since 1899, thanks to its excellent reputation. At the forefront of innovation, Clinique Générale Beaulieu disposes of a last generation medical plateau. It is renowned for its medical specialities such as orthopedy, general surgery, urology, gynecology and maternity.

A reference figure among private clinics in Geneva, Clinique Générale Beaulieu has called upon our services during several years regarding different survey thematics. Satisfaction surveys to different taking parties have been done by the Junior Entreprise Genève. Electronic questionnaires were addressed to aggregate doctors as well as collaborators for them to be able to answer in a confidential and anonymous way.

These satisfaction surveys were led in narrow collaboration with the Human Ressources of Clinique Générale Beaulieu for a better orientation of the survey. Junior Entreprise Genève evaluated and analysed the results of the survey by submitting concrete tracks of improvement. This forms a solid base for the elaboration of an action plan and the re-evaluation of human relations’ strategy, deployed in the clinic. Furthermore, carrying out surveys along multiple years leads to a comparative analysis of the development that took place as well as following the impact of different politics in matter of human resources carried out throughout the facility.

To finish, the complete outsourcing of the poll process, done by Junior Entreprise Genève, presents several interests from the mandator’s point of view. Indeed, the observed sample infers at the closest of reality, by decreasing the response bias obtained, made possible by outsourcing the collection of information. Finally, for the results analysis, the mandator could count on the expertise of Junior Entreprise Genève in order to bring out the elements that need more attention from the Clinique Générale Beaulieu.

Business plan

Large firms represent part of the Junior Entreprise Genève’s clientèle, but entrepreneurs represent an integral part in our history. Our services have allowed many of them to launch themselves in their entrepreneurial activity, the following project is one of them.

Junior Entreprise Genève released a study for a private client willing to launch himself in the high quality coffee import market in Switzerland in order to determine the feasibility of his project. The market analysis allowed to measure demand and identify strategies for selling the product on the Swiss market, especially by studying the various actors who were receptive to the project. Legal research has supplemented this analysis to advise the client in the process of importing and starting a business.

The results confirmed the interest for the client’s product, allowing the latter to consider the launch of this activity in a positive way. In order to shape this step, the Consultants sent out multiple recommendations concerning the product’s communication and the logistic steps necessary for the transit and sale of the product in Switzerland.

Thanks to the analysis and to the recommendations of Junior Entreprise Genève, the client created the M&D Swiss Trading Company, active in the importation of Latin American products including the coffee that was the subject of this study. This study enabled Junior Entreprise Genève to analyze all phases of a project, both economic and legal, to support the entrepreneur in his efforts to launch his project.

Action plan

L’Oréal is the largest global group active in the field of cosmetics. To date, the company has more than 89,300 employees and is active in 140 countries. Since 1947, the company is present in Switzerland and has its Swiss headquarters in Vernier from which it manages the representation of its 32 brands established in our country.

As part of a study conducted for the Swiss subsidiary of this global cosmetics giant, the Junior Entreprise Genève was mandated to set up a new logistics system to reduce costs. L’Oréal wanted to review part of its organization regarding the relationship with customers in order to optimize it to best meet the needs while simplifying the steps for the customer, especially for orders with L’Oréal.

This study is B2B and differs from more traditional studies because it looks at the business relationship between the principal and many companies.

Junior Entreprise Genève worked closely with L’Oréal to study the various logistics processes. The data collected through this survey helped identify client habits and visualize their geographic representation. With this knowledge, the Consultants were then able to propose an action plan to improve the principal’s logistics process, especially for customers who represent a small percentage of turnover.

This study provided an opportunity for Junior Entreprise Genève to work with a reputable company while providing a real added value to the latter who was able to review its logistics system with the data collected and analyzed by our Consultants.

Financial analysis

Founded in 1911, Rampini Construction specializes in civil engineering and has many achievements to its credit, for example various projects under the future CEVA currently under construction. Rampini Construction employs more than 220 people and its turnover is close to 80 million francs.

As part of a mandate for this large Geneva-based construction company, Junior Entreprise Genève analyzed the company’s investment policy in order to measure their profitability thanks to a model for tracking changes in equities over time. In a second step, Junior Entreprise Genève proposed investment strategies to the company in order to make its investments more efficient. This included identifying new titles to achieve the financial goals set by the client.

Junior Entreprise Genève proves to be an ideal partner thanks to the knowledge of its members in finance and investments, allowing to bring a fresh look into the financial field. This mandate allowed Consultants to study and implement an investment program respecting precise and demanding specifications.

Internet websites

This website was created for yoga teacher Krystel Weber. In May 2016, she received her RYS Diploma of Yoga Teacher in the World Capital of Yoga in Rishikesh (India). Back in Switzerland, she embarked on entrepreneurship with the desire to share her passion and knowledge.

Entrepreneurship is a subject dear to the heart of Junior Enterprise Geneva. Thus from the beginning of the project the team of developers was interested in the passion of the client to understand his vision and reproduce it at best.

Our team took care of recreating this modern and refined site from the old while respecting the spirit previously established, then install an online store offering the items of the teacher. Once the site was completed and transferred to the hosting of our client, our IT Consultants also optimized the web referencing of the site.



Sloth Skate Co, a group of young students, called upon our services to launch their Swiss skateboard brand on the web.

Passionate about this discipline, they bring their creativity by offering their own designs of skateboards and aspire to gather a community around their brand.

Our team designed an e-commerce site to allow the group to open a shop for the purchase of boards and, in the future, clothing. The design has been designed to match the creativity of the group.