Being composed of students at the University of Geneva, our association has a high turnover rate each year. In order to allow the association to renew its members and to develop from year to year, we organise a recruitment at the beginning of each academic year.

Young entrepreneurs, students interested in consulting, auditing or marketing, or students who are curious and passionate about subjects closely or remotely related to our activities: Junior Entreprise Genève is made for you and it needs you!

Whether you have a lot of skills or experience, or are just starting your studies and have not yet had any professional experience, if you share our passion and motivation, you are at home at Junior Entreprise Genève!

We know that recruitment can be a stressful time and it may be the first for some of you, that’s why we have prepared these two short brochures! They are there to guide you through the recruitment process.

In the first brochure, we introduce you to our Junior Entreprise and its structure, and in the second brochure we describe the recruitment process in as much detail as possible!

We wish you good luck with this recruitment and hope to count you among our future recruits!

Enjoy your reading!