Our mission


Within the Junior Entreprise Genève association (hereafter “Junior Entreprise Genève”, “the Association”, “we”, “us”), we care about the protection of your personal data. Our aim is to be as transparent as possible in the processing of this data, why and how we collect, analyse and store it, and after what period of time we delete it. If you have any further questions about our privacy policy, you can contact us at the following email address: confidentialite@jeg.ch.

1. Who is responsible for the processing of personal data?
2. When does Junior Entreprise Genève collect your personal data?
3. Which personal data are processed?
4. How are personal data collected?
5. What are the legal bases for the processing of your personal data?
6. How long are your personal data kept?
7. With whom are your personal data shared?
8. How are personal data secured?
9. Does our website use cookies?
10. What are your rights towards us?
11. Who is the competent supervisory authority?

1. Who is responsible for the processing of personal data?

The person responsible to process your personal data is Junior Entreprise Genève, Boulevard Carl Vogt 40, 1205 Genève.

2. A quel moment la Junior Entreprise Genève collecte-t-elle vos données personnelles ?

Nous collectons vos données quand :

  • vous souhaitez profiter des services offerts par la Junior Entreprise Genève ;
  • vous échangez votre contact avec un membre de la Junior Entreprise Genève ;
  • vous nous contactez par notre site, www.jeg.ch ;
  • vous souhaitez devenir membre de la Junior Entreprise Genève ;
  • vous participez à un concours, un workshop, ou une conférence organisée par la Junior Entreprise Genève ;
  • vous nous suivez sur les réseaux sociaux, tels que LinkedIn, Instagram et Facebook ;
  • vous avez publiquement mis à disposition vos données personnelles, et nous estimons qu’une future collaboration pourrait être mutuellement bénéfique.

3. Which personal data is processed?

We process the following categories of personal data:

  • Required data to contact you: first name, last name, company and function, physical and e-mail addresses, phone number, web pages, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram accounts;
  • Data concerning your connection with Junior Entreprise Genève: contact person within the Junior Entreprise, last contacts, availability periods, proposed projects, achieved projects, notes concerning the progress of these projects, bank account information and payment history;
  • Data provided at the time of recruitment: date of birth, marital status, education, professional experience, application photo, any other autobiographical data you gave us, as well as our notes taken during the various steps of the recruitment process;
  • Data provided in order to participate in a contest: the contribution submitted to the contest (e.g. a project, or a photo) and the ranking in the contest;
  • Data provided when you interact with our accounts on social networks: account on the social network, content of the interaction.

4. How are personal data collected?

We collect your personal data either in direct contact with you, or as a result of your interaction with our website (for example, when you submit the form to get a quotation), or by using data that you have publicly made available.

5. What are the legal bases for the process of your personal data?

We process your data only on the legal grounds, such as :

  • Which fall under the pursuit of an interest of Junior Entreprise Genève linked to the achievement of its goals (for example, the treatment required to propose you to start a common project). Later in this document, this situation will be referred to as “legitimate interest”.
  • Which are necessary for the preparation and execution of a contract, later designated as “contractual necessity”;
  • For which we have received your consent. If consent is the basis on which we process your data, we ensure that it is:
    • Free: you are in no way penalized if you do not give it away;
    • Specific: the consent only relates to the treatment for which we ask your approval;
    • Informed: we inform you of the terms and conditions of the treatment before you consent to it;
    • Clear: we give you a clear choice between “Yes” and “No” to exclude any ambiguity.

If you would like more specific information on the purposes of the processing of your data with reference to the processing bases provided by law, please see below.

One of the goals of Junior Entreprise Genève is to enable its members to put into practice the knowledge acquired at university. Providing services to clients is therefore part of our goals. Consequently, we consider this processing to be in our legitimate interest.

Without processing the personal data necessary for the correct development of a project, we will not be able to do so, therefore, this processing is a contractual necessity.

Without keeping the contracts concluded during the period in which you could file a lawsuit, we will not be able to do so, then this treatment is a contractual necessity

The personal data we process help us select the best talent, so we consider that we have a legitimate interest in processing these data. Concerning your CV and cover letter, we would like to keep them in order to compare them with the CV and cover letter of a possible future application. We only retain these two documents with your consent.

Organizing such events allow our members to acquire knowledge in project management and allow them to expand their professional network. This is in accordance with the aims of the association and is therefore in our legitimate interest

Through the organization of the contests, we pursue two goals: promoting the image of Junior Entreprise Genève among students – which allows us to be attractive to talented people during the next recruitments – and promoting entrepreneurial spirit. We consider that we have a legitimate interest in the processing of your data for the fulfilment of these goals.

6. How long are your personal data kept?

We keep your data for the time necessary to fulfil the processing purposes listed in the previous points. More specifically, we keep:

  • The necessary data to contact you, , unless you exercise your opposition to any contact by sending a request to confidentialite@jeg.ch, or by asking your contact person in the Junior Entreprise Genève. Finally, you can also contact us directly through our online contact form.
  • The data concerning your relationship with Junior Entreprise Genève, for the duration of the relationship. If your connection with Junior Entreprise Genève is of a contractual nature, the data will be kept, for evidential purposes, for ten years after the end of the relationship;
  • The data provided during the recruitment processregardless if you become a member or if your application is unsuccessful. In the latter case, we consider it necessary to keep your data for a duration of two years in order to be able to evaluate your progress in the event of a subsequent application. You may at any time object to the retention of your CV and cover letter by the means mentioned in the first point;
  • The data provided in order to participate in a project contest,, for 5 years after submission.. We consider that it is necessary to keep it throughout the university education corresponding to a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in order to assess the evolution of the project submitted several times.

7. Avec qui vos données personnelles sont-elles partagées ?

We use IT partners who provide us with a software that ensures the correct functioning of the association. This concerns includes the conservation of your data.

Find out more about who our partners are and where they are located:

For security reasons, the data that we back up in the cloud is dispersed and replicated by Google in its data centers located around the world. The data is stored either:

  • In a country of the European Union;
  • In a country recognized as having an adequate level of protection;
  • In another country from suppliers who have accepted standard contractual clauses that comply with the General Data Protection Regulation.

For more information, you can consult the Google privacy policy

The data stored on the Podio platform are located in Dublin, Ireland, on Amazon Web Services servers. You can find the Citrix privacy policy here, and the Amazon Web Services privacy policy here.

On social networks, we only save the data you send us. We do not use extensions for social networks and have no influence on the processing of your personal data by these networks. If you would like to know more, you can directly consult their privacy policies:

8. How are personal data secured?

The access to the software provided by our IT partners is protected by a password. In addition, this access is differentiated: the members of the association only have access to the databases that are relevant to the accomplishment of their tasks.

To ensure the integrity of your personal data, we
back up all data collected on an external, encrypted and password-protected hard drive at the beginning of each semester.

Our IT partners have implemented measures in line with cybersecurity certifications.. To see more details about our partners certifications, please see below.

The data stored on Google Drive are secured in accordance with ISO 27001 on information security management, ISO 27017 on securing data in the cloud and ISO 27018 on the protection of personal data in cloud computing.
Data stored by Citrix on Amazon Web Services servers in Ireland are also secured in accordance with ISO standards 27001, 27017 and 27018.

9. Does our website use cookies?

Cookies are small files that are sent to your computer when you are surfing on the Internet. They contain useful information about how you navigate through the sites you visit. Our site uses two types of cookies: :

  • Session cookies: these cookies allow you to navigate from one page to another of the site, as well as to memorize the information you fill in. They are deleted when you close the browser.
  • Analytic cookies : we use Google Analytics services to improve the performance and visibility of our site. Google places these cookies. If you wish to have more information about these cookies, you can consult the Google privacy policy

You can disable the use of cookies in your browser settings. You can find a guide for Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari browsers here. Please note that if you do not accept the use of cookies, we cannot guarantee that our website will work on your browser.

10. What are your rights towards us?

As a person concerned by our processing of your personal data, you have rights against us. You can address your requests to us at
confidentialite@jeg.ch and we will endeavour to process your request within 30 days. Within this context, you have a:

  • Right of access to personal data: at any time, you can send us a request to access your personal data; 
  • Right of rectification: if you consider that your personal data we process are not correct, you can send us a request for rectification;
  • Right of deletion: if you believe that the collection of your data has been unlawful, or that the purpose for which your data were processed is no longer fulfilled, you may submit us a deletion request; 
  • Right to object: if you object to a specific processing of your data (e.g. receiving communications from us offering our services), you can send us your objection.

In general, your requests will be processed free of charge. However, if your requests are repeated or are manifestly unfounded, we have the right to charge you a reasonable processing fee.

11. Who is the competent supervisory authority?

If you have the impression that we have not responded to your queries correctly, you can contact the competent supervisory authority, namely the Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner.

This Privacy Policy may be amended from time to time. You can download a copy by clicking here. It applies from the 18th of February 2019.